December 14, 2017

Before You Trust Your Pet's Health To A Cut-Rate Vaccination Mill, Please Request A Quote.

John (Crest Hill IL ) Dog Check Up (Nov 26, 2016)

When we go just to get shots Doc does a quick check of Molly. You don’t get that at a big box store.

Crafty (Joliet IL) Affordable Cat Spay (Apr 8 2016)

Our Lil kitty guy got his vaccinations & fixed. For 35+ years …we have always had nothing but a great experience.

Sherry (Joliet IL) Dr Hitt (Mar 03 2017)

Dr. Hitt Joliet IL : I trust timberline with my fur babies Dr. Hitt treats my boys like his own. Five stars from me !

Wilky (Channahon IL) Cat Shots (Aug 28, 2016)

I’ve always taken my cat here from day one. Totally recommend this place..

Evelyn (Joliet IL ) Timberline Animal Hospital (Apr 12, 2017)

Previous passed away pets we had were also brought here, so we have a long history with Timberline Animal Hospital.

Vicki (New Lenox IL) Rabies Shots (May 5 2016)

Rabies Shot, New Lenox, IL: I was very happy with Timberline Animal Hospital. and I also received good common sense advice.

Patricia (Homer Glen) Dr Hitt loves animals ( Mar 3 2017)

Dr. Hitt is very sweet. You can tell he really loves animals and he is not just doing this for the money.

Alyssa (Elwood IL ) Affordable Dog Vet (Mar 3 2017)

Affordable Dog Vet for Regular Check Ups Elwood IL: Have been going to Timberline for years because of the affordability. You can really tell that the staff loves animals and they have always been so good to ours

Lynn (Joliet IL) Really Affordable Dog Shots (Mar 02 2017)

Annual check ups and shots are really affordable when you are able to take advantage of the 20$ vac/test SAT every month.

Cindy (Joliet IL ) Dog Anxiety (Jan 27 2017)

Coco has a little bit of anxiety and Dr. Hitt really puts her at ease!