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July 28, 2018

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Puppy Dog Rabies Shots – FREE New Pet Exam

Hi, I am Dr. Roger Hitt of the Timberline Animal Hospital and my friend here is   called Lee Murphy. We are here today to discuss basic canine wellness program that we have at the Timberline Animal Hospital. Again, we’d like to remind you that initial examinations of new pets at Timberline AH are performed free of charge. This means we will have you come in for your pet’s examination and consultation without obligation or fee charges. We know that a lot of folks get their canine friends  from rescue and humane centers,so we do this as a public service to the community. We also offer free examinations to kittens and puppies acquired from pet stores.

Puppy Dog Rabies Shots – Puppy Vaccinations

When you get a new pet, you would want to know that the pet is healthy. We will give your pet a full examination, discuss nutrition, parasite testing, vaccinations and visit intervals. With puppies, we’d like to give them a core series of DAPP (distemper and parvo corona) shots. If your puppy is going to be out of your household and be around other canines on hunting trips and dog shows, we would recommend other types of vaccinations that it might need. In addition, it is also important for a kitten or a puppy to be always tested for internal parasites.

Puppy Dog Rabies Shots – Annual Checkups

And now, let’s talk about the adult canines. It is important for an adult dog to be seen at least once a year and most importantly, for the dog to have a history of health examinations. We will talk to you about your pet’s lifestyle and types of activities you do. There are things that your dog will need if it leaves your household, car or property to be around other animals in places such as parks, dog shows or the neighborhood for walks. Our core program for residential dogs are a 1 or 3 year rabies shot, a distemper-parvo booster, heartworm testing every year, stool testing every year and a heartworm preventative. We also recommend a flea preventative for dogs that go outside.

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We offer FREE new puppy dog examinations. We would also like to talk to you about what vaccinations may be needed based on your pet’s lifestyle..

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